If you are a webmaster and in simple terms are power hungry for more, then what you should be switching to is the VSP hosting services that are offered by the Windows server. There are three main reasons why VSP hosting on a Windows server has become so popular, because of the easy way by which it gets to be cost efficient, it is also convenient and one also get to have a lot of control over the applications that have been installed by them.

How it is going to be cost efficient for you is very simple- if you are a web master who has been pretty active for quite a while, it is also evident that the shared hosting idea is not sufficient enough for you since you will require more space so the other option that is left to you is that of a completely dedicated server and if truth be told that is a mighty expensive option for you as compared to that of a VSP hosting option because here you get to have almost all the facilities of a dedicated server and yet save a lot of money.

With the Windows server you can be sure the VPS hosting for you is going to be very convenient since you will have all the resources and features that you need in hand such as Burstable memory as well as a lot of memory space that was not available for you with the shared server and would have been too expensive for you with a dedicated server.

Also, you will be able to install and use all kinds of applications that you want to your website or websites and you will also have complete control over it as well as access to these at any and all times.

Windows VPS